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5G is the new mobile communications technology which uses the latest techniques to provide a step change in performance, but it also provides some unique test challenges - find out some key insights.

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5G is the new technology for mobile or cellular communications. 5G provides the increased speed, bandwidth, low latency as well as the ability to support the low data rate communications required for many narrow band IoT applications.

In this section of the Focus on Test from Rohde & Schwarz, their expertise in mobile communications can be tapped by looking at the various links to pages, white-papers, videos and webinars from them.

The information gives some expert views and techniques required to test the various aspects of 5G, everything from testing the physical layer to other aspects of performance..

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for 5G & LTE

This Application Note supplements the video series that describes signal generation and signal analysis techniques used for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for LTE and 5G NR. It details three methods that can be used, and provides insight into the approaches that can be used for signal generation. The application note supports the R&S videos that are already available. Read more . .

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5G NR MIMO Signal Analysis

This page gives details of an easy to set up technique for measuring high speed multichannel acquisition for 5G NR signals. The page is supported by a PDF download giving further details of the techniques used.

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5G New Radio ebook

With 5G now being deployed, the technology is being used in many areas of the industry. Many people require to know more about the technology and how it works. This 5G ebook provides what is needed and it is written by some real experts in the industry. Read more . .

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Pre-5G NR Signal Generation & Analysis

With 5G NR products now being developed, signal generation and analysis of the waveforms is key. This whitepaper shows how to test a single user interface for signal generation and analysis configuration, flexible OFDM configuration and signal generation incl. flexible pilot and data allocation, and user defined modulation schemes including complex scenarios, e.g. 5G NR PSS. Find out more . . .

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Demystifying the 5G NR Physical Layer

The 5G NR, 5G New Radio specification has been available for a while, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. This R&S webinar seeks to clarify exactly what 5G NR is and what it is not. If you want to find out watch it now . . . .

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Antenna Beam Characterization of 5G Mobile Devices and Base Stations

With frequencies of 28GHZ being proposed for 5G technology, it is necessary to get up to speed on how to measure aspects like beamsteering and other key parameters. Download this useful whitepaper to gain some key insights into beamsteering and other related aspects of base station technology. Conducted measurements will be mainly replaced by over-the-air measurements of electromagnetic radiation. Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S®NRPM Over-the-Air (OTA) Power Measurement Solution that perfectly fits such measurement needs. Read more . . .

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Antenna Array Testing - Conducted and Over the Air: The Way to 5G

5G is anticipated to revolutionise connectivity - it is far more than just another cellular network. As a result, networks will need to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering the operational expenses of the system. Two new technologies can simultaneously address both the increase in capacity and the increase in energy efficiency: Virtualization & Massive MIMO. This white paper provides key insights into test solutions addressing current and future requirements for antenna verification including both conducted and over-the-air (OTA) test methods, which result from applying Massive MIMO antenna technology. Find out all you need to know about these exciting new technologies.

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Outphasing, Envelope & Doherty Transmitter Test & Measurement

Energy efficiency RF transmitter amplifiers continues to be of paramount importance. Meeting the efficiency challenge is increasingly difficult at higher operating frequencies and bandwidths, such as those proposed for 5G.

Technologies including Doherty amplifiers, envelope tracking as well as architectures that use predictive, post-correction linearization are widely used. Their predictive nature enables distortion to be (in theory) completely eliminated, irrespective of the non-linear properties of the individual signal paths.

Find out more about these technologies and their applications for the 3.5 GHz NR (5G New Radio) candidate band. These techniques can easily be transposed to use in K-band satellite applications or mmW NR candidate bands, where efficiency is an even more crucial design target with non-negotiable linearity constraints. Read more . . .

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Pre-5G-NR Signal Generation and Analysis

This application note shows how to use Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and analyzers for testing early 5G New Radio components, chipsets and devices. Methods for easy creation and analysis of custom OFDM are explained. The solution provides

  • a single user interface for signal generation and analysis configuration

  • Flexible OFDM configuration and signal generation incl. flexible pilot and data allocation

  • User defined modulation schemes including complex scenarios, e.g. 5G NR PSS

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Demystifying 5G - Ready for testing 5G NR sub-6 GHz devices in production with the R&S CMW100

The 5G NR, New Radio involves many new concepts and techniques. It will support frequency ranges up to 52.6 GHz, but initial 5G designs will use frequencies below 6 GHz with focus on 3.5 GHz. For sub-6 GHz carrier frequencies, 3GPP currently discusses a maximum bandwidth per component carrier of 100 MHz. The R&S®CMW100 communications manufacturing test set with a supported bandwidth of 160 MHz is ready for testing initial 5G NR sub-6 GHz wireless devices in production. Find out more in this webinar

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Demystifying 5G – Numerology and Initial Access Concept for 5G NR

This webinar provide an overview on the current discussions within the standardisation organisation, summarise recent decisions and explain the initial access concept while comparing it with LTE. In addition to this, the webinar shows how to generate 5G NR-like waveforms to test the performance of RF frontend modules (RFEM) and RF components such as amplifiers and filters. Find out more . . .

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5G Waveform Candidates

5G mobile communications is now being standardised and development activities have also started. One of the key issues is that of the waveforms to be used. Find out all about the 5G candidate waveforms for transmitting data over 5G networks.

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How to perform ACLR measurements on 100 MHz bandwidth LTE Advanced/5G signals

This application sheet describes how to perform ACLR measurements on LTE Advanced/5G signals with a bandwidth of 100 MHz. The R&S NRQ6 frequency selective power sensor has a built-in solution for ACLR measurements, but this function is limited to 20 MHz LTE signals. The limitation is due to the maximum instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz total for five channels. The obvious alternative way would be to replace the ACLR measurement by several separate power measurements at the five frequencies, using the 100 MHz flat filter. Unfortunately, the stop-band bandwidth of the 100 MHz flat filter is 140 MHz, due to limited number of FIR coefficients at this high sampling rate. Thus, you would see strong cross-talk of the main channel in the adjacent channels. Read how to overcome this issue and use FFT filtering to realize very steep filters needed for LTE advanced/5G ACLR measurements.

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The challenge of testing 5G antenna performance

Antenna testing for 5G mobile communications will present some new and interesting challenges. The wide frequency range, the greater number of antenna elements and the lack of conventional external RF connectors make 5G antenna characterisation challenging. To assess the complete performance of 5G over-the-air (OTA), e.g. beam characteristics, coexistence testing and near-field and far-field measurements, fast and accurate pattern measurements are essential. Find out more about 5G antenna testing.

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