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Power measurement for RF signals is challenging in many ways especially when signals may be varying or pulsed - find out the key insights into the technology

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RF power measurement test equipment has developed a long way in recent years. Now only has the accuracy of this test technology increased, but so have the capabilities of the test instruments used.

RF power measurement test equipment now enables features such as frequency selectivity as well as the measurement of pulses - capabilities which were not available until recently.

New Type of RF Power Meter

Traditional RF power meters are small and accurate, but they are not very sensitive and have a limited dynamic range. Measurement receivers score well in both disciplines but have disadvantages of their own. Rohde & Schwarz has created a revolutionary new sensor type that combines the strong points of both types of instruments.

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Using a SCPI macro recorder to record signal generator settings

Signal generators are often set manually during testing, but often these settings need to be used in executable scripts. This useful video explains about using a SCPI macro recorder to record the manual settings of the signal generator and to create an executable MATLAB script.

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Generating a frequency response compensated RF signal

With signal frequencies used for everything from Wi-Fi to cellular communications always increasing, testing of the various elements requires to provide accurate results, even at high frequencies. Ensuring test leads and other components do not affect the readings is vitally important. Find out more about generating a frequency response compensated RF signal . . .

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Using a R&S SMBV100B for generating RF signals with high modulation bandwidths

To satisfy the need for higher modulation bandwidths, the R&S®SMBV100B is equipped with a high performance baseband. Thanks to the generator’s intelligent internal realtime frequency response correction, an extremely high amplitude flatness is achieved across the entire bandwidth of 500 MHz. Find out all you need to know in this video.

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