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RF signal generators have become very sophisticated and can generate very complex waveforms that can be used in many ways, generating far more than simple continuous wave signals.

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Signal generators enable a stimulus to be provided in a test system. There are many different types of signal generator, and even for RF signal generators the capabilities are wide ranging.

Today, RF signal generators have a host of capabilities that enable them to set up a variety of different waveforms - these are required for testing everything from the various types of mobile or cellular communications including 5G to the different types of wireless systems like Bluetooth, Sigfox, LoRa and many others.

Pulsed waveforms from RF signal generators are also needed for testing radar systems.

As RF signal generators these days are not just needed to provide a continuous wave RF signal, their use is also more complicated. Find out about some useful techniques and approaches in the links below.

Generating Multiple Phase Coherent Signals – Aligned in Phase and Time

This application note explains how to generate phase coherent signals using signal generators. It details what to consider and how to best calibrate the relative phases and timing between the individual channels. In addition to this it includes in-depth details about measurements of the phase stability over time for different RF frequencies. Read more . . .

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Radar Echo Generator

Radar test systems are essential in research, development, production and maintenance of radar systems. Most radar tests are expensive to carry out in the field and have a complicated setup and operation. One of the main advantages of the Radar Echo Generator presented in this application note is its ability to generate arbitrary virtual radar echo signals in real time in the laboratory using only commercial measuring equipment. The Radar Echo Generator not only allows to reproduce the results and automate the tests, but also it significantly reduces the measurement effort and costs while providing greater utility for the existing common test equipment. Read more . . .

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Vector Signal Generator Multi-Channel Signal Generation Applications

Multichannel vector signal generators can be used to set up a variety of scenarios for testing modern RF electronics systems. With many complex applications like testing MSR, carrier aggregation, MIMO and enhanced interference scenarios the new generation of advanced vector signal generators provides an easy means of realising these test applications.

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