Red Pitaya Vector Network Analyzer, VNA

The Red Pitaya Vector Network Analyzer, VNA bridge module enables the STEMlab module to provide additional vector network analysis capability.

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The STEMlab VNA bridge module and application enables STEMLab to function an affordable vector network analyser (VNA), a precision measuring tool that tests the electrical performance of high frequency components in the radio frequency.

Red Pitaya STEMlab VNA module
Red Pitaya VNA bridge module

STEMlab is a test and measurement environment that includes a board, an application marketplace and a source code library. It is designed as a low-cost alternative to many expensive measurement and control instruments. STEMlab can function as an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser and more, also performing other tasks, now including vector network analysis.

To run the VNA application users need a STEMlab plus an additional VNA bridge module – both available from Red Pitaya’s web store. VNA is a contributed application that runs on Windows and Linux. It covers a frequency range of 500kHz to 62MHz, has a directivity of 42dB (typ), a dynamic range of 74dB and a noise floor of 88dBm. Software features include: plot formats (Smith chart, impedance, SWR, reference coefficient, return loss); open, short & load calibration modes; measurement export and marker readouts. Included in the VNA module box are an RF SWR bridge module in an aluminium enclosure, calibration accessories (50 ohm, open & short load) and cables.