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03 Aug - 05 Aug 2020
Austin, Texas, USA

** Note: In view of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak the postponed NIWeek has now been cancelled.

NIWeek is the annual global conference for graphical system design organised by National Instruments. It is held in the Convention Center in Austin Texas. NIWeek is now well established it and it has been running for over 20 years. 

NIWeek brings together a whole variety of engineers, scientists and many others. The week provides an environment to learn from National Instruments and many others about the latest developments in graphical system design as well as being able to listen to others and how they have used graphical system design and LabVIEW for an enormous variety of different applications.

Around 4000 people attend NIWeek each year from all around the globe from all spheres of electronics. Also to provide excellent support for all the attendees there are around 2000 national Instruments’ employees on hand.

The conference provides an excellent line-up of speakers. Top personnel from National Instruments like their co-founders Dr Truchard and Jeff Kodosky are prominent at the event along with many other senior National Instruments VPs and managers. In addition to this, there are also many presenters from outside the company, along with many engineers who have a wealth of hands-on experience.

The conference includes a number of elements:

  • Keynotes
  • Conference lectures
  • Workshops
  • Research notes
  • Exhibition

All these different elements make NIWeek an excellent opportunity to find out all about the latest that is happening not only with PXI, but also in the world of graphical system design.

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