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Top quality of online training from respected providers about RF and microwave circuit design: techniques, technology, approaches and calculations - courses about all aspects of RF and microwaves.

Rf and microwave circuit design is a key part of modern electronics technology which is steadily becoming more important and more systems use wireless links and the frequencies increase still further.

Training is an ideal option because, even electronics engineers and other professionals and hobbyists involved in other areas of electronics will need to know many of the basics.

The courses in RF and microwave design range in levels and will enable people at all levels to gain the understanding they need and be able to tackle the areas of interest and advance in their careers.

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Selected online training courses about RF & Microwave Circuit Design:

Course provider: Coursera
Created by:Eindhoven University of Technology
Brief description: The course combines both passive and active microwave circuits as well as antenna systems. Future applications, like millimeter-wave 5G/beyond-5G wireless communications or automotive radar, require experts that can co-design highly integrated antenna systems that include both antennas and microwave electronics.

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Course provider: Coursera
Created by:Eindhoven University of Technology
Brief description: The course covers the topics on how to derive the RF wireless systems specifications, and how to design the main building blocks of a transceiver, i.e., low noise amplifier, power amplifier, RF mixers, oscillators, and PLL frequency synthesizers. It is divided into two parts: (1) theoretical lectures will cover the basis of RF and mmWave Circuit Design; and (2) design labs will include simulation and implementation of these circuits.

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As a result of the frequencies used, RF and microwave design and technology requires a number of different techniques to those used for low frequency hardware electronic design, digital design and other areas of circuit design.

Online training courses that cover RF and microwave technology and techniques will be invaluable for many people as an increasing number of products incorporate RF and microwave technology.

As the Internet of Things, IoT as well as mobile communications including 5G and 6G become more widespread, as wella s Wi-Fi and the many other standards, RF and microwave design becomes more important - a sought after skill.


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