Eco / Green Electronics Engineering

For a sustainable future, electronics technology and equipment needs to be used to provide more effective use of our resources as well as causing minimum pollution and use of resources as possible.

In these days when there is a lot of talk about climate change and looking after the planet, there are many areas that can be addressed using electronics technology - sustainable development is a key issue.

There is definitely a need to ensure that any electronic equipment is manufactured so that it does not pollute. For this it is necessary to ensure that the electronic equipment does not use harmful substances and also that it can actually redice the impact we have on the environment.

In this section of the website we will aim to give a guide to greener electronics and sustainable development in the electronics arena. This includes the technology behind green electronics or eco electronics and general insights into how electronics technology can be used in a positive way to save energy, generate energy in a sustainable fashion and general eco methods, but in a positive way that we can take on board.

Energy saving gadgets - what we can do to save energy

Using electronic gadgets and systems it is possible for people to save energy at home and elsewhere.

Smart energy

Smart technology can be used to provide more effective use of our energy resources.

Environmental policies for green manufacturing

There are several directives and items of legislation that affect the manufacture of electronics equipment, or the way in which items associated with electronics and electronics design and manufacture may need to be handled to provide an ecologically sound method for manufacture, and providing sustainable development.

Sustainable development is one of the key requirements for electronics design these days. Electronics technology is also able to be used in equipment and gadgets that can provide significant ecological benefits. It can help by making systems more efficient, or enabling users to be more aware of their use of energy and resource usage and thereby become less wasteful or generally use less.