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The Art of Electronics

Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill

The Third Edition of The Art of Electronics is a thoroughly revised and updated third edition of the hugely successful The Art of Electronics. This book is widely accepted as the best single authoritative book on electronic circuit design. It has long been used as the most authoritative book on electronic design. It has been used by students, hobbyists and professional electronic engineers.

In this new edition, many new topics have been covered: the third edition includes 90 oscilloscope screenshots illustrating the behaviour of working circuits, dozens of graphs giving highly useful measured data of the sort that is often buried or omitted in datasheets but which you need when designing circuits, and 80 tables (listing some 1650 active components), enabling intelligent choice of circuit components by listing essential characteristics (both specified and measured) of available parts.

The new Art of Electronics retains the feeling of informality and easy access that helped make the earlier editions so successful and popular. It is an indispensable reference and the gold standard for anyone, student or researcher, professional or amateur, who works with electronic circuits and electronic circuit design.

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Microwave Active Circuit Analysis and Design

Clive Poole, Izzat Darwazeh

This book provides an excellent explanation of the concept, components and calculations needed for microwave and RF circuit design and analysis. The book is written in a very approachable and understandable style providing calculations where needed, but immersing the reader in endless calculus and general equations.

The book provides the skills and knowledge required by today's RF and microwave engineers in a concise, structured and systematic way. Reflecting modern developments in the field, this book focuses on active circuit design covering the latest devices and design techniques.

From electromagnetic and transmission line theory and S-parameters through to amplifier and oscillator design, techniques for low noise and broadband design; This book focuses on analysis and design including up to date material on MMIC design techniques.

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Radio Technology

Computers Made Easy: From Dummy To Geek

James Bernstein

Computers Made Easy is a book that is essential for anyone starting out with computers, or someone wanting learn more about them. The book is deigned to take anyone's computer skills from a beginner to the next level. It is aimed at providing a top level understanding of the topic of computers and computing without a the need to take on board the very deep and complex levels of computing.

The book contains chapters on everything from the basics of computers, computer peripherals, Microsoft Windows, Printers, Email, Internet, Avoid Scams, Backup and Protection, Security, Cloud Storage, and very much more.

This easy to use guide will help you navigate your way to becoming proficient with computers, operating systems, hardware and software.

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5G NR: The Next Generation Wireless Access Technology

Eric Dahlman

The second edition of 5G NR: The Next Generation Wireless Access Technology, builds on the previous books in this series and in particular the first edition. It now incorporates the changes introduced by Real 16 of the 3GPP standards.

The book follows the authors' highly respected books on 3G and 4G and provides a new level of insight into 5G NR, 5G New Radio technology. After background discussion of 5G, including requirements, spectrum aspects, and the standardization timeline, all technology features of the first phase of NR are described in detail. The book covers the NR or New Radio physical-layer structure and higher-layer protocols, RF and spectrum aspects, and co-existence and interworking with LTE. The book provides a good foundation in 5GNR and different NR technology components, giving insight into why a certain solution has been selected.

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5G NR: Architecture, Technology, Implementation, and Operation of 3GPP New Radio Standards

Sassan Ahmadi

5G NR: Architecture, Technology, Implementation, and Operation of 3GPP New Radio Standards provides a comprehensive reference for the 3GPP New Radio standards (Release 15 and beyond). The book covers all aspects of the new technology, specifically covering the underlying theory, functional descriptions, practical considerations and implementation of the 5G new radio access technology.

5G NR: Architecture, Technology, Implementation, and Operation of 3GPP New Radio Standards describes the design and operation of individual components and shows how they are integrated into the overall system and operate from a systems perspective. Uniquely, this book gives detailed information on RAN protocol layers, transport, network architecture and services, as well as practical implementation and deployment issues, making it suitable for researchers and engineers who are designing and developing 5G systems.

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5G Technology: 3GPP New Radio

Antti Toskala, Harri Holma

This book carries not he very successful series of mobile communications books by these authors. 5G Technology: 3GPP New Radio covers all he topics required for a complete understanding of 5G technology including the 5G New Radio, 5GNR.

The book covers the all the topics needed to understand 5G including the new spectrum options, new antenna structures, new physical layer and protocols designs and new network architectures. 5G Technology: 3GPP New Radio is a comprehensive resource that offers explanations of 5G specifications, performance evaluations, aspects of device design, practical deployment considerations and illustrative examples from field experiences.

To ensure that it covers the broadest reach, the book takes contributions from a panel of international experts on the topic, the book, but it is held together by the experienced authors of the previous mobile communications authors. 5G Technology: 3GPP New Radio presents the main new technology components in 5G and describes the physical layer, radio protocols and network performance. The authors review the deployment aspects such as site density and transport network and explore the 5G performance aspects including data rates and coverage and latency. The book also contains illustrative examples of practical field measurement.

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Ham Radio for Dummies

H Ward Silver

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Amateur Radio

HAM RADIO: The Complete Start Up Guide for Beginners

Duke Denton

Amateur radio or ham radio is a fascinating hobby which enables people to have considerable freedom with experimenting and using radio transmitting equipment. Even though people can communicate over the globe using the Internet, there is a unique fascination with communicating by radio, especially if you have built the equipment yourself, or set ups he station and installed the antennas, etc.

This book describes the key aspects and elements of ham radio: operating, setting up a ham radio station, frequencies, bands, equipment and the like. It also tells how ham radio can be used in emergency situations - in fact ham radio is often used in disaster situations when all other forms of communication have failed. The resourcefulness of radio hams and their equipment enables them to set up vital stations in these circumstances.

Find out all you need to know about this fascinating hobby.

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Amateur Radio

Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs

American radio Relay League, Paul Danzer

This book is aimed at being used by radio amateurs or radio hams and it is aimed at the various tests and monitoring applications that may be needed when constructing equipment, maintaining equipment and general usage within a ham radio station.

As equipment within many ham radio station sis very complicated, an oscilloscope can be a particularly valuable item of test equipment.

With personal computers and today's technologies, a variety of analogue, digital or hybrid scopes are available to radio hams for solving problems and testing new ideas in home workshops.

Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs is filled with practical information for using a scope. It begins with an overview of the oscilloscope and continues on to discuss characteristics, applications, probes, controls, and input modes. if anyone is considering buying a scope for their ham radio station, this book may be worth buying beforehand.

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Testing & Test Equipment

Oscilloscopes: A Manual for Students, Engineers, and Scientists

David Herres

There are remarkably few books covering the use of oscilloscopes. This surprising because oscilloscopes form the basis of a vast number of tests for electronics circuits and they are one of the most widely used items of test equipment.

Oscilloscopes: A Manual for Students, Engineers, and Scientists provides an engaging but rigorous manual on the use of oscilloscopes in electronics  laboratory and field settings.

The book describes the methods for measuring and displaying waveforms, and it gives examples of how this information can be used for repairing malfunctioning equipment and developing new electronic circuit designs.

Oscilloscopes: A Manual for Students, Engineers, and Scientists begins by examining how the oscilloscope displays electrical energy as traces on X and Y co-ordinates, freely transitioning without loss of information between time and frequency domains, in accordance with the Fourier Transform and its modern correlate, the Fast Fourier Transform.

The book continues with practical applications and case studies, describes how oscilloscopes are used in diagnosing pulse width modulation (PWM) problems--looking at serial data streaming and analyzing power supply noise and premises power quality issues―and emphasizes the great functionality of mixed-signal as opposed to mixed-domain oscilloscope, and earlier instruments. Featuring many descriptions of applications in applied science and physics, Oscilloscopes: A Manual for Students, Engineers, and Scientists is ideal for students, faculty, and practitioners.

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Testing & Test Equipment

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

Michael Geier

Today's society tends to discard electronic items and gadgets once they cease to work. The point is that many of these items can be repaired very easily and often for very little cost. It is all about know-how and ga general knowledge of electronics.

This book helps anyone who is interested to start to repair all kinds of electrical products, from modern digital gadgets to analogue antiques, with help from this updated book. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition, offers expert insights, case studies, and step-by-step instruction from a lifelong electronics guru. Discover how to assemble a suitable workbench, use the latest test equipment, zero in on and replace dead components, and handle reassembly. Instructions for specific devices, including stereos, MP3 players, digital cameras, flat-panel TVs, laptops, headsets, and mobile devices are also included in this do-it-yourself guide.

This book could be the start of a fascinating hobby bringing to life all manner of electronic gadgets and equipment that might otherwise be discarded or remain not working for years.

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Practical Electronic Circuit Design for Experimenters

Louis Frenzel

This book is a follow on for the best seller entitled Practical Electronics for Inventors. The book shows shows hobbyists, makers, and students how to design useful electronic devices from easily available electronic components including passives, integrated circuits, modules, and subassemblies. Practical Electronic Design for Experimenters provides the knowledge necessary to develop and construct  functioning gadgets. The book stresses that the real-world applications of electronics design―from autonomous robots to solar-powered devices―can be fun and far-reaching.

The book includes topics including electronic component selection, common circuit design techniques, amplifier design, power supply circuit design, digital circuit design, techniques for designing filters, digital design, programmable logic devices, testing and troubleshooting.

This book is a comprehensive volume for any experimenter who wants a book that will provide a good foundation on which to build.

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Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Design

Michael Steer

This book, Fundamentals of Microwave and RF Design covers all the essential concepts required for microwave and RF design. It includes a host of topics including an extensive treatment of scattering parameters, that for the basis of many RF designs. It details power flow, and Smith-chart-based design procedures.

The emphasis of the book is on the RF design process at the module level and on covering the whole range of microwave functions available. It details the use of microstrip transmission line technologies and provides essential mathematical, graphical and design skills for module design proficiency.

The book has been developed from a multi volume comprehensive book series, Microwave and RF Design, Volumes 1-5, which have been widely received. The emphasis in this book being on presenting the fundamental materials required to gain entry to RF and microwave design and it closely parallels the companion series that can be consulted for in-depth analysis with referencing of the book series being familiar and welcoming.

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Radio Technology

Principles of RF and Microwave Design

Matthew A Morgan

This is a really comprehensive resource which provides a thorough introduction to the principles of electronic circuits operating in the radio frequency, microwave, and millimetre-wave  ranges. It is an essential for anyone working with radio frequency design, or within the RF domain. It contains essential information, knowledge and experience that is needed by those who come into contact with researching, designing, maintaining and using circuits that operate at these frequencies.

The book details the fundamental physical laws of classical electromagnetics using a foundation of Maxwell's equations to give insight into the operating principles of circuit elements of all kinds, from lumped elements to transmission lines, waveguides, optical fibres, and quasi-optical structures.

Standard passive system components like filters, splitters, couplers, hybrids, baluns, and antennas are explained to acclimate the reader to considering multiple technological solutions for common design problems. A basic overview of active circuit designs, such as amplifiers, mixers, and multipliers is also provided, along with discussion of the performance characteristics of electronic systems, including noise and linearity. Emphasis is placed on visualisation and understanding of how and why electronic circuits of all frequencies are built and operate the way they do.

Readers learn how to match an amplifier for optimum noise performance over the broadest bandwidth with the fewest number of elements and how to visualize the coupling of various modes in a mixed waveguide-type structure and avoid resonances due to trapped, higher-order modes. The book provides the tools needed to design and optimize a launcher from microstrip into waveguide, and whether the best characteristics can be achieved by incorporating matching elements in the microstrip section, the waveguide section, or both.

This book is an essential for anyone associated with the RF domain.

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Radio Technology

Electronics for Dummies

As with other books in this series, Electronics for Dummies is packed with hundreds of colourful diagrams and photographs. As will be expected, it provides step-by-step instructions for experiments that show how electronic components work, advice on choosing and using essential tools, and exciting projects you can build in 30 minutes or less. 

The book gives straightforward explanations of the various topics in a fashion that is easy to understand and take on board.

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Practical Electronics for Inventors

This book is aimed at those people who want to advance their knowledge of electronics from the basic concepts and components through to circuits and circuit design to enable people to develop and construct their own functioning gadgets. The book is written by a pair of experienced electronics engineers and dedicated hobbyists. The book sets out the essentials and provides step-by-step instructions, schematics, and illustrations for everything needed to develop and construct a variety of electronics items. It details how to select the right components, design and build circuits, use microcontrollers and ICs, work with the latest software tools, and test and tweak any designs. This easy-to-follow book features new instruction on programmable logic, semiconductors, operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, power supplies, digital electronics, and more.

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Becoming A Consultant: How to Start and Run a Profitable Consulting Business

Susan Nash

If you are thinking about setting up and running your own consultancy business, then you will need to help and guidance. While friends and colleagues will be able to give much good advice, this book provides a wealth of guidance from someone who is an expert in the field.

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Radio Propagation Explained

Steve Nichols

Based on an earlier text by Ian Poole, Radio Propagation Explained provides a complete understanding of the basics of radio signal propagation. Aimed at the ham radio market, this book provides a very understandable guide to how radio signals propagate from frequencies of 100kHz or so right up to the microwave region. 

The book obviously has a large amount about ionospheric propagation, but it also addresses tropospheric propagation as well as some more esoteric radio propagation such as moonbounce or Earth-Moon-Earth.

The book also provides information about some of the software used in radio propagation prediction etc.

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