Satellite Technology

Satellites are used in many areas of technology today for everything from satellite navigation to communications, mobile phones, observation for weather, geology, etc and direct broadcasting, etc.

The uses of satellites and satellite technology are many fold. Since the first rockets entered the upper reaches of the atmosphere and then started to put satellites into orbit, the number of applications to which their technology has been directed has increased significantly.

Satellites and the associated technology required to place them in to orbit is very expensive, but over the years it has developed significantly since the early days or Telstar and Early Bird, etc.

Many satellites that are launched into orbit are the more traditional large sized satellites, but a new breed of satellites is starting to be developed. These cube satellites or Cubesats are small low cost satellites that are can be used for a variety of applications.

Basics of satellites

This section will look at some of the basic elements of satellite technology



Satellites are used for many applications ranging from communications and mobile phones to navigation and weather mapping, and then to geological mapping and direct broadcasting, etc.

Many of these applications, and especially satellite navigation are now a part of everyday life which we have all come to take for granted.