Radio Technology

Radio is now a key part of everyday life - everything from broadcast radio to mobile communications and much more . . .

Radio technology and radio frequency design or RF design are key to the operation of many items like radios, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers and many other radio based devices.

Understanding the building blocks used and the techniques adopted enables RF design, maintenance and usage to be undertaken effectively.

Radio signals and modulation

There are many different forms of radio signal that can be used. From simple forms of modulation like amplitude, frequency and phase modulation, through to complex waveforms using techniques like direct sequence spread spectrum and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, there are many different techniques and technologies used in radio frequency engineering.

The descriptions of the different types of modulation and waveform are in many cases accompanied by the electronic circuits used for their modulation and demodulation. These are useful for the RF design of circuits that need to process these forms of modulation.

RF Building blocks

There are many different electronic circuit building blocks used in radio frequency design. There are electronic circuit blocks like mixers, attenuators, and filters which are widely used for RF design.


Radio receivers

An important area of RF design is associated with radio receiver design. There are many different forms of radio receiver, each type with its own characteristics. The different specifications and parameters used within he RF design and specification of these different techniques are also described.



Basics of radio

This section will look at some of the basic elements of radio and what it is:

With the increasing amount of all forms of wireless communication for everything from mobile / cellular communications to applications like Wi-Fi and the many other wireless standards, radio frequency or RF design and RF technology in general are of great importance. Even if you re not directly involved in RF design or setting up applications for wireless and radio communications, an understanding of RF technology and RF techniques can be very useful.