Audio Visual

Descriptions, summaries and tutorials about AV, Audio Visual topics from television to Hi-Fi and systems.

Audio visual is a topic that affects anyone with a television system, hi-fi or any audio, video or audio visual system. Knowing a little about these systems enables them to be installed and maintained more easily as well as allowing the best to be made from each system.

In addition to this, knowing how interconnection systems such as SCART or HDMI work and how to use them is particularly useful. Also, when using microphones, loudspeakers and anything connected with audio or video, it helps to know a little about them. These any many other topics are addressed within this, AV, audio visual or audio and video section of the website.

Audio transducers

Audio transducers are used to convert electrical energy to sound and vice versa. Loudspeakers, headphones, earpods and microphones are all included in this category.

AV interconnection standards

There are many different interconnection standards used for the different types of audio visual equipment. Some of the more used used varieties are detailed below.