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Electronics Notes, now incorporating Radio-Electronics.com provides radio & electronics tutorials and notes covering basic electronics concepts, components, radio technology, constructional techniques, ham radio, & electronics history…
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Overcoming the Coronavirus fallout

Now that many countries are beginning to ease lockdown, there are a few areas that have changed. We may have lost good friends and relatives, for whom we are sad. There are also changes to the way we work with many more people have tried working from home, and sadly many have lost jobs.


Ideas for making simple videos

How to make simple videos:   Many people have needed to make videos to explain techniques or as an instrument for teaching. It is not difficult, and many of us already have the equipment we need. Check out some ideas here . . . . .
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Setting up your own business:   With the current lock down in many countries, many have lost jobs and others have time to think about setting up their own business as a passion they have long waited for or just to make sure they have a job. Here are some ideas.
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History of the Vacuum Tube

Read all about the history of the vacuum tube or thermionic valve: initial discoveries, Fleming's diode valve, de Forest's Audion, the directly and indirectly heated cathodes, . . their rise and fall.