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Thank you for visiting Electronics Notes. On the site I aim to provide accessible summaries, information and notes covering many electronics topics including: electronics concepts, components, radio technology, manufacturing & constructional techniques, telecommunications & connectivity (mobile & wired), antenna technology & much more for those involved in electronics, radio, telecommunications and the associated industries.
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There is a huge variety of information on ElectronicsNotes ranging from the basic concepts through to 5G and more. Everything from electronic components, circuit designs, connectivity with everything from wired technologies like Ethernet, RS2432 and more to wireless technologies including mobile communications, Wi-Fi, IoT communications as well as radio and RF design antennas, and a host of other topics.

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Discover some of the stories that detail how the foundations were set in place for today's technology.

Marconi's Magnetic Detector

The magnetic detector, often called Marconi's Magnetic Detector, was widely used in early wireless systems where it was far more sensitive and robust than the coherer. It performed well on ships, and was used for Marconi's first Transatlantic transmission.