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  - providing clear & concise radio & electronics tutorials and notes for you to learn electronics online. Topics include: basic concepts, components, radio technology, constructional techniques, ham radio, & electronics history . . . . .

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  • Learn about the basic electrical and electronic concepts with our on-line tutorials

    Basic concepts

    Learn about the basic electronics concepts including voltage, current, resistance and many basic calculations. Tutorials written in an easy to understand manner.
  • Test equipment and test methods are essential for electronics design. Read our tutorials and learn

    Testing & Test Equipment

    Electronics Notes provides information about all aspects electronics testing, test methods, and test equipment including oscilloscopes, test meters, spectrum analyzers and all forms of test equipment.
  • See our on-line tutorials on various electronic components

    Electronic components

    Electronics Notes provides tutorials and information on many electronic components found in electronic circuits ranging from resistors and capacitors through simple semiconductors to complete integrated circuits. Introductions to in-depth information.
  • Learn about radio technology through our tutorials


    Radio technology is being used increasingly within everyday life. From broadcast radio and cellular phones to Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies it is widely used. Find out all you need to learn about radio and radio circuits on Electronics+Radio.
  • Learn about amateur radio or ham radio on Electronics+Radio

    Ham radio

    Electronics Notes provides the tutorials and the basic information you need to know to get started and learn about the fascinating hobby of amateur radio from operating, Morse code and DXing through to summaries of the ham radio allocations.
  • Join the maker revolution and learn how to construct electronic circuits and equipment

    Constructional techniques

    Anyone interested in electronics will want to build some equipment - making electronics projects is fascinating, instructive and fun. Learn about soldering and see our hints and tips for constructing electronic equipment - an essential skill for makers.
  • Learn about the key audio and video concepts, standards and interfaces

    Audio Visual

    This section of Electronics Notes gives descriptions, summaries and tutorials about AV, Audio Visual topics from television to Hi-Fi and systems and from the interface standards like SCART, HDMI and the like to descriptions of loudspeakers, etc..
  • Learn about the main concepts of antennas, transmission lines and propagation through our tutorials

    Antennas and propagation

    Learn about antennas with our detailed notes, descriptions, summaries of antennas, what they are, how they work, antenna designs and also radio propagation - how radio signals travel.
  • Becoming an Engineer

    Electronics Notes provides a wealth of career and job information for those interested in becoming an electronics engineer. Everything from what an electronics engineer may do, through to applying for a job, writing a CV and much more.

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