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Thank you for visiting Electronics Notes. On the site I aim to provide accessible summaries, and information with a minimum of jargon covering many electronics engineering topics. All the topics are manually written by myself and the aim is to provide useful information that is easy to understand and to include many hints, tips & practical guidance notes using my experience from my many years as an electronics engineer.

Electronics Notes is written and run by Ian Poole

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Cellphone basestation technology Understanding Cellphone Basestation Technology:   We see the cellphone towers all around us these days, but what exactly do they contain and how do they work.
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Bending and forming electronic component leads How to bend & form axial component leads:   Understand how to easily bend and form electronic component leads for use in printed and other forms of circuit boards.
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Ethernet cable How Long Can an Ethernet Cable Be:   Find out how long you can make an Ethernet cable, why there are length limitations, and techniques to make longer Ethernet links
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Programmable unijunction transistor structure Programmable Unijunction Transistor, PUT:   The programmable unijunction transistor, PUT, is the form that is morewidely available than the original diodic form, but it has a number of differences.
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What's on ElectronicsNotes:

There is a huge variety of information on ElectronicsNotes ranging from the basic concepts through to 5G and more. Everything from electronic components, circuit designs, connectivity with everything from wired technologies like Ethernet, RS2432 and more to wireless technologies including mobile communications, Wi-Fi, IoT communications as well as radio and RF design antennas, and a host of other topics.

Find out all the information you need to know using our easily understood explanations.


Becoming an Engineer

Electronic engineering can make a great career providing interest, challenges and good prospects
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Technology history

Discover some of the stories that detail how the foundations were set in place for today's technology.

We have a large number of pages devoted to pioneers, how technology was invented and developed as well as descriptions of many types of radio receiver, etc, etc.

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Spark Gap Transmitters

The spark gap transmitter was the first type of transmitter to be used. Although very inefficient and crude by today's standards, it was the first form of transmitter to enable radio to span the Atlantic Ocean.

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Electronics Notes aims to provide accessible summaries about a host of electronics, radio and connectivity technologies in a practical and useful way.

Our aim is to support those who want to learn about the technology: those who are established engineers as well as students and hobbyists.

The topics included in the site range from the basic electronics concepts (useful for established engineers as well looking for those equations, formulas etc, including topics like basic electronics concepts, component descriptions and explanations, circuit designs and circuit design principals, manufacturing techniques, radio technology & RF design and wired and wireless connectivity and a host of other topics.

To fund the running of the site, we obviously need to carry advertising, but we aim to make this not too intrusive. We hope you understand, but we need to have income to meet the not inconsiderable running costs.

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