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Top online training courses and e-learning about electronics, radio, connectivity and career development from well respected providers and organisations

One of the ways in which to help advance your career or your abilities is to undertake some training. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to do this online.

We have partnered with some leading e-learning or online training organisations that provide recognised online courses - most courses have a recognised certificate of completion.

Online training courses

There are many different sections: online electronics training, digital signal processing training, understanding FPGAs and their development, general electronics, RF and microwave design training and much much more.

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Our online training organisations:

We have endeavoured to find the very best in online training course providers on the Internet. These providers are well respected and have a very wide range of course on all topics - not just electronic engineering and many associated topics.

These providers have their own raking systems, so you can see what people think of the individual courses.

If you want to check out these providers, we have put a link below to our page summarising them and with a link tot heir home page.

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In order to help with decisions about selecting online training courses and the like, we have provided soem additional resources.


Training topic areas

There are many topic areas we cover for online training:

Digital Signal Processing DSP     Electronics: introduction     Electronic circuit design     Field programmable gate arrays, FPGAs     Generative AI     Internet of Things IoT     Mobile / cellular telecoms     Power electronics     RF & microwaves     Wireless communications