Electronic Components

Learn about electronic components in our online tutorials: resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, integrated circuit . . . and even vacuum tubes / thermionic valves.

There are many components that can be used in electronic and radio circuits. For each type there are variants and these may enable them to be used in different ways.

Passive components

Learn about electronics online with our tutorials about passive components: resistors, capacitors, inducators, crystals and many more.

Semiconductor fundamentals

Semiconductor technology is at the core of today's electronics revolution. Check out these online tutorials that cover the basics of the technology.



Semiconductor memory



There is a huge variety of different types of connector. These range from those used for patch panels, through multiway connectors, to RF coax cable connectors. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and can be used in a variety of differnet applications.

Switches and relays

Even though more switching is accomplished electronically these days, mechanical or physical switches and relays still perform many vital functions in today's electronics.

Wire and cables

Often little thought is given to the wire of cable that is used. However it can be quite important to choose the right type.

Valves / Tubes

A series of tutorial pages about valves / vacuum tubes: eveything from the basic themionic theory to the different types of tube. Learn about these devices online.


- Heatsinks - tutorials with some simple thermal calculation examples.