Electronic Components

Learn about electronic components in our online tutorials: resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, integrated circuit . . . and even vacuum tubes / thermionic valves.

There are many components that can be used in electronic and radio circuits. For each type there are variants and these may enable them to be used in different ways.

Passive components

Learn about electronics online with our tutorials and information covering all aspects of passive components: resistors, capacitors, inducators, crystals and many more.

Electronic components like resistors, capacitors and many others may seem low-tech by the standards of other components, but their technologies have developed over the years to provide improved performance and reliability.


Oner major type of electronic component is the semiconductor diode. Semiconductors diodes are particularly important electronic components because there are many differnet varieties which perform in different ways and they can be used for very different purposes.

Varactor diodes are designed specifically to vary their capacitance with a varying reverse bias, Zener and voltage reference diodes are used to provide a stable reference voltage, and of course some are used to only allow current through in one direction for rectifying signals, etc.

And ouf course there are very many more types of diode that are sued for a host of different types of electronic circuit design.

Selecting the right diode is essential to ensure that the electronic circuit operates in the manner expected.

Active devices: transistor, FET, Vacuum tube / valve, thyristor . .

Although passive electronic components form a huge sector of the electronic components industry, active devices occupy the higher value area. These electronic components enable much of the functionality of the circuits to be attained.


Semiconductor memory

Semiconductor memory is an important class of electronic component. Semiconductor memory is used in vast quantities for computer and digital storage of all forms. This type of electronic component is key for the computer industry.



There are many other differnet types of electronic component that are used, and these components enable many electronic cicuits to be realised. Electronic components like connectors, logic families, ASICs, FPGAs and many more of varying complexity, are all key to the electronics industry.

Battery technology

Batteries of all sorts are used in all forms of electrical and electronic equipment. From children's toys to smartphones, laptops and gadgets right up to electric vehicles.

Electronic components are at the core of electronics technology. There is a huge variety of different components that are available with a variety of different functions. Everything from passive components like resistors, capacitors and the like through devices like diodes, and onto other electronic components like transistors, FETs and even the old vacuum technology. Integrated circuits are now commonplace and although more costly, they provide huge levels of functionality.

One key are associated with electronic components is the selection of the right supplier. Whilst for hobbyists and small production runs it is often quite acceptable to obtain components from many suppliers, for production runs, electronic component distributors are normally used.

Component selection

YouTube Playlist: Understanding Electronic Components

YouTube Playlist - Understanding Electronic Components