About Electronics Notes

Electronics Notes provides information, tutorials and notes for electronics students, hobbyists and makers to learn electronics online.

About Electronics Notes:
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Electronics Notes was originally set up in 2006 to run alongside Radio-Electronics.com. It started life as Electronics & Radio Today (http://www.electronics-radio.com).

The original concept was that it would provide a more introductory flavour for those entering electronics.

Whilst Radio-Electronics.com grew, Electronics & Radio Today was not developed so fully.,/p.

However in 2015 the focus was placed back on the site, it in 2016 it was rebranded as Electronics Notes.

The aim is still to meet the needs of students, hobbyists and makers. To help achieve this the site has a thriving video channel – ElectronicsNotes and it uses many high quality illustrations to ensure that the topics are covered in an easy to understand fashion.