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The RetroTechUK was formerly the National Vintage Communications Fair. It is an event that specialises in early communications technology and it features thousands of rare and collectable items such as early radios, television receivers, gramophones, telephones, classic valve hi-fi and all manner of electrical and mechanical antiques and collectables.

Collecting, working on and seeing vintage wireless communications equipment can be fascinating. Seeing how radios and other communications equipment were made and designed gives a lot of insight into how we managed to reach the current state of technology. There is a great fascination in seeing this old equipment, whether it is a vintage radio, an old Morse key, an old transmitter or whatever, it has a great fascination.

RetroTechUK provides an excellent opportunity to see, buy and view a great variety of equipment that is on offer.

The equipment sales fall into several main categories:

  • Vintage Radio and Broadcasting
  • Classic Vable Audio and Hi-Fi
  • Early Telephones and Equipment
  • Gramophones, Phonographs and Recordings
  • Film and Television
  • Electrical and Mechanical Antiques and Collectables

Each of these categories has a very wide variety of equipment that will be on show and available.

The RetroTechUK was established as NCVF in 1992 and over the years it has become an annual event which is held in late Spring at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. It typically attracts over 200 stallholders (dealers, private sellers and clubs) from the UK, the continent, and the USA. The RetroTechUK is owned and run by the British Vintage Wireless Society, and is open to everyone. The tickets are normally £10 from 10.30am or £25 to gain early entry at 9.00am, although this could change.

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