Mega Industries

A trusted name in microwave technology since 1989, Mega is a manufacturer of high-power microwave transmission equipment.

Mega Industries produces a comprehensive line of rigid and flexible waveguide products in sizes WR28 through WR2300. Mega specializes in high power, high quality components and systems for demanding applications for customers in the scientific, commercial, and military sectors.

Mega Industries for microwave and RF components

Mega Industries has years of experience, innovation and ability to take on concepts from sketch to delivered solutions. Mega can fabricate intricate shapes, incorporate uncommon materials and are well-versed in non-standard waveguide and coax sizes. Mega Industries’ clean room facility, vacuum furnace, and RF Network Analyzer allow for ultra-high vacuum compatible waveguide and coaxial components.

Mega Industries’ product lines include rigid waveguide, semi-flexible waveguide, coaxial transmission line and broadcast components.

The components manufactured by Mega include circulators, power combiners, loads, windows, flexible waveguides, switches, bends, calibration kits, rotary joints, hybrids, transitions, adaptors and more.

In addition to microwave and RF Solutions, Mega Industries’ engineering and fabrication departments can provide designs and equipment for many advanced research and development applications.

Mega Industries is more than just a microwave component supplier. Mega’s commitment to offering RF Solutions to sophisticated customers is globally recognized.

Mega Industries is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Registered.

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