Aim TTi

Aim TTi is a British manufacturer of test equipment including power supplies, loads, signal generators, multimeters, frequency counters, current probes . . .

The origins of Thurlby Thandar instruments Ltd date from the late 1970s when two separate companies, Thurlby Electronics Ltd. and Thandar Electronics Ltd. were both designing and manufacturing electronic test equipment within close proximity at St. Ives in Cambridgeshire, England.

Through the 1980s, Thurlby specialized in bench power supplies, high resolution multimeters and digital storage units; whilst Thandar specialized in function generators, frequency counters and logic analysers. In 1989 the two companies were merged into a new organization.

Aim TTI has a really comprehensive range of electronic test equipment or test instruments. The range includes items like DC power supplies, electronic loads, function generators, pulse generators, arbitrary generators, frequency counters, LCR measurement instruments, current probes, spectrum analyzers, EMC analysers and a host of product accesories.

The range of test equipment from Aim TTi is continually growing to meet the ever increasing needs of all the sectors of electronic engineering.