Atlantic Microwave

Atlantic Microwave is a worldwide specialist with 30 years of experience in RF and microwave components and equipment for Satcoms testing applications.

Atlantic Microwave manufactures a wide range of microwave and RF components and equipment from their headquarters and R&D base in Braintree, England, UK. In 2019, Atlantic Microwave was acquired by ETL Systems as their instrumentation and measurement division.

Company Name

Atlantic’s product range and capability includes both standard, and bespoke custom equipment, as well as multi function modules and sub assemblies.

It supplies to a global marketplace in Aerospace, Telecommunications, Government and Defence and Scientific Research directly within the UK and via representatives and distributors worldwide.

Atlantic Microwave, a division of ETL Systems, provides a comprehensive range of RF and microwave components for applications including radar, cryogenics and quantum computing, GPS/GNSS, HAPS testing, scientific/laboratory environments and the Defence market.

Atlantic and ETL can offer a full suite of solutions between the antenna and the modem for both the uplink and downlink chains. This includes RF signal handling/distribution equipment, and instrumentation and measurement equipment for the set up and testing of RF chains.

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