Maury Microwave

Based in Ontario Canada, Maury Microwave provides microwave calibration, measurement and modelling solutions

As the name indicates the business at Maury Microwave is focussed on microwave electronics, but ore specifically on the measurement and calibration aspects that can prove to be so difficult to achieve successfully.

Maury Microwave is a supplier for microwave electronics orientated calibration, measurement and modelling solutions. The company is able to take responsibility for all aspects of calibration, measurement and modelling.

By using the measurement expertise in Maury Microwave to identify, create and supply every single component from the smallest adapter to the largest test system, it is possible for them to guarantee a seamless integration.

The company supplies adapters, cable assemblies and attenuators; coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits, calibration standards and calibration systems; turnkey characterisation solutions including measurement and modelling software, impedance tuners, load pull and noise parameter systems and more.