Aaronia is a test equipment manufacturer based in Germany that focuses on high end RF and microwave test equipment

Aaronia is the name of a test equipment manufacturer that has relatively recently arrived on the test equipment scene. The company focuses on RF and microwave equipment and has a range of spectrum analyzers, signal generators, antennas (often aimed at EMC testing), and GPS loggers.

Aaronia was founded by Thorsten Chmielus in 2003 and shipped its first spectrum analyzer in 2004.

The company specialises in high end RF test and measurement instruments, and its range not only includes RF test equipment like spectrum analyzers and signal generators, but also RF shielding materials.

Aaronia also has a range of very cost effective RFI shielding canopies and chambers made from their own Aaronia-Shield material.

Although their test instruments are high end in performance they are priced attractively to ensure they offer good value for money.

Aaronia is a company that is growing and not only did it open its new headquarters in 2018, but it has also seen a major increase in the number of staff as a result of the demand for their products.

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