Past Times Radio

Past Times Radio specialises in the restoration and sale of vintage radios wheter valve (tube) or and transistor based from the 1930s through to the 1980s

Vintage radio sets are becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers reproducing models based on past century designs. Past Times Radio is a UK based company that offers the opportunity to own a real vintage radio.

Past Times Radio - repair of vintage radios

Past Times Radio is a UK based restorer of vintage radios that has been established since 1999. They specialise in the restoration and sale of vintage valve and transistor radios made from 1930 through to 1980.

Whether the case is wood, Bakelite, whether the radio is portable or floor standing there is bound to be a vintage radio of interest.

The repair and restoration of vintage radios can require some unique skills. Understanding what components may fail with age, knowing the correct techniques for replacing them, and also using the right types of replacement are all key.

This is in addition to understanding how to restore the cabinets and other attributes of the radio. By using the right skills and techniques, these old radios can be brought back to their initial glory and take pride or place in a room.


Past Times Radio prides itself on giving a first class service to all their customers. All items are dispatched promptly by secure courier and are packed to very high standards so you can rely on receiving your chosen set when you want it.


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