Siglent is a Chinese company that supplies a wide variety of test equipment at very competitive prices: oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, PSUs, DMMs, and other test instrumentation.

Siglent describes itself as a high-tech company addressing the electronic test equipment market. With a range of equipment that includes digital oscilloscopes, isolated handheld oscilloscopes, function/arbitrary waveform generators, DC power supplies, digital multi-meters, spectrum analyzers and other general test instruments, it has a very wide range.

Siglent is able to offer quality equipment and an ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certified company.

Siglent is also a member of the China Electronic Instrument Industry Association and Guangdong Instrument Representative Association.

Siglent began developing digital oscilloscopes in 2002 and looking at the lsit above it can be seen that it has rapidly expanded its range - in fact the company ahs delivered a 50% growth year on year.

The company currently employs over 300 people, with more than 100 hardware, software, and other disciplines of engineers, as well as a highly qualified management team and other technical professionals.

Siglent says that it is proud to offer the best value in electronic test and measurement equipment. It has carved out a real niche by offering high quality test equipment at very competitive prices.