RDS PTY Codes & Programme Types

Table giving definitions of the Radio Data System, RDS PTY types or programme types, indication the type of programme style of a radio station.

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One of the key elements of RDS is that it is possible to identify the type of station.

Each RDS transmission carries and RDS PTY code, and this indicates the "Programme TYpe".

The RDS PTY code has a given value and this indicates the type of programme material carried.

The RDS PTY codes have slightly different categorisations dependent upon whether the stations are in Europe or North America. For Europe the RDS Forum developed the standards, whereas within North America the system is known as the RBDS, Radio Broadcast Data System. When the RBDS standard was developed, no attempt was made to match the original RDS plan for PTY type numbers.

RDS PTY Code RDS Programme Type
  Europe North America
0 No programme type defined No programme type defined
1 News News
2 Current affairs Information
3 Information Sport
4 Sport Talk
5 Education Rock
6 Drama Classic Rock
7 Culture Adult Hits
8 Science Soft Rock
9 Varied Top 40
10 Popular Music (Pop) Country Music
11 Rock Music Oldies (Music)
12 Easy Listening Soft Music
13 Light Classical Nostalgia
14 Serious Classical Jazz
15 Other Music Classical
16 Weather Rhythm & Blues
17 Finance Soft Rhythm & Blues
18 Children's Programmes Language
19 Social Affairs Religious Music
20 Religion Religious Talk
21 Phone-in Personality
22 Travel Public
23 Leisure College
24 Jazz Music Not assigned
25 Country Music Not assigned
26 National Music Not assigned
27 Oldies Music Not assigned
28 Folk Music Not assigned
29 Documentary Weather
30 Alarm Test Emergency Test
31 Alarm Emergency

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