Decibel, dB Calculator

Calculate values of decibels, dB using our simple to use online calculator from values of input and output

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The calculation of decibels requires the use of logarithms. Tables of other calculators may not always be available and the calculator below provides a very easy method of calculating a value in decibels from a knowledge of the input and output power levels.

Simply enter the values for the input and output levels into the decibel calculator, press calculate, and the calculated answer will be provided.

N dB = 10 log 10 ( P 2 P 1 )

Decibel calculator for power levels

To use the calculator, enter the values of the input and output power levels and then click 'Calculate' and the decibel result will be calculated and presented in the output box.

Decibel Calculator for Power Levels


Enter Values:

Power Input:   Watts or milliwatts
Power Output:   Watts or milliwatts (Must be the same units as above)


Decibel Value:   dB

The decibel, dB calculator enables values of decibels to be calculated on-line from a knowledge of the input and output power levels.

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