ESD Antistatic Wrist Strap

ESD or antistatic wrist straps are a key part of any ESD protected workstation - they enable the operator to be grounded in a safe way so they do not transfer any static.

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An antistatic wrist strap or ESD wrist strap is worn by the operator working on an item of electronics. It connects the operator to ground via a high resistance and in this way prevents static build up which could harm the electronic circuit.

Having a high resistance to ground, the wrist strap is perfectly safe to use.

The ESD wrist strap is normally used in conjunction with an ESD workstation or ESD mat.

Normally the wrist strap is connected via a lead to the bench - the lead typically includes a 1MΩ resistor that enables static to be dissipated whilst also giving the uses protection against any live voltages. The lead is coiled helically to enable the user to mover freely.

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