Speaker Repair & loudspeaker replacement

Many loudspeakers are worth repairing if a fault occurs - check out these hints, tips, techniques and concepts for repairing that favourite loudspeaker.

Loudspeaker Tutorial Includes:
What is a loudspeaker: basics     Moving coil loudspeaker     Loudspeaker enclosures     Loudspeaker repairs     Speaker wire / cable    

Additional speaker repair topics:   Replacing speaker unit in speaker system     Repairing speaker cone     Repairing / replacing speaker coil    

Although most loudspeakers will give many years of trouble free service, like all things, they can require repair from time to time.

Age, moisture, and over-driving them are common reasons for loudspeakers failing and requiring repair.

Although some loudspeakers may not be worth repairing, others are well worth the time and cost to bring them back to like. Loudspeaker repairs can be relatively straightforward, although others may be a little more exacting.

Repair by replacing speaker in system

Many loudspeaker systems have two or may be three individual speaker drive units in them, each one typically covering a different frequency range. In general the smaller the drive unit, the higher the frequency range it covers.

Replacing a drive unit in a loudspeaker system is relatively straightforward and can be undertaken with only a few tools and a few precautions.

As replacement speaker units can often be found, this option for a speaker repair is an option that is very attractive in many situations.

Replacing the speaker unit can also be an opportunity to upgrade the overall speaker system, enabling it to use more modern technology and sound even better than when it was first bought.

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Speaker repair kits

It is possible to obtain speaker repair kits. It is necessary to check whether the cones, surrounds, coils, etc are available for the particular type of speaker to be repaired.

Speaker repair kits are available for a variety of different areas of speaker repair. Coils, cones, surrounds, etc. All these are covered by the various speaker repair kits.

The speaker repair kit will come with full instructions for the particular kit and speaker and accordingly it is not possible to give instructions here.

Speaker cone repair

It is very easy to puncture a speaker cone. When this happens, the drive unit can buzz or crackle when sounds are being reproduced. It is a most unpleasant sound. The fragments of the cone around the tear vibrate and cause a buzz: they can also let pressure out of an enclosure cause the performance to degrade significantly.

Sometimes the loudspeaker may not be repairable by other means. This method has been used many times in the past, and although it may not render the loudspeaker totally back to its initial form, it would be difficult to tell the difference.

The method is simple, fast and very easy to implement.

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Speaker coil repair

There is a variety of issues that can occur with speaker voice coils, and sometimes it is possible to repair them.

Issues associated with the speaker coil range from the coil being off-centre and causing he sound to become distorted, to the coil becoming open circuit.

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Speaker repairs can present a very convenient option, especially If the speaker has performed well in the past. The repaired loudspeaker has a new lease of life. In some circumstances it is possible to improve the performance of the speaker, especially if new drive units are used.

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