Electronics Notes Ham Radio Store: Icom

The Electronics Notes Ham Radio Store contains a variety of equipment from Icom including base station, portable and mobile use.

Icom has over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of two way radio products for business and amateur radio. With development in new techniques being spread across both business and amateur radio, this has enabled Icom to offer a range of advanced transceivers that provide excellent performance from HF right through the VHF portion of the spectrum to UHF.

The Icom of radios range includes desktop radios as well as mobiles, handhelds, scanners and more. According to price these offer a range of facilities and capabilities enabling the discerning radio amateur to select the best radio for his or her purposes.

Note: This advertisement is geo sensitive and routes users to the relevant country. However, Icom equipment may not be available via Amazon in your country, in which case please refer to one of your local dealers.