Electronics Notes Ham Radio Store: RSGB

Serving radio amateurs in the UK and abroad, the RSGB, Radio Society of Great Britain produces some excellent books about the hobby.

The Radio Society of Great Britain has a wide portfolio of books about amateur radio covering all the main topics as well as a huge number of niche topics associated with the hobby.

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The Radio Society of Great Britain, RSGB has a wide catalogue of books about ham radio. The RSGB handbook has been published for many years and is regularly updated. It provides all the reference any radio amateur is likely to need.

In addition to this the RSGB publishes books on antennas, construction, radio propagation, modes of operation, and a host of other topics.

The RSGB year book provides contact details for radio amateurs as well as providing a shot of other invaluable information. Also the RSGB Operating Manual gives a wealth of information for anyone serious about amateur radio operating.