Rigol is a company based in Beijing, China that manufactures a wide range of test equipment from multimeters to oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to waveform generators and RF signal generators.

Founded in Beijing in 1998, Rigol has quickly made its presence felt in the test and measurement market by producing a wide range of test instrumentation including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power supplies, arbitrary waveform generators, function generators, RF signal generators and more.

Rigol has established a niche in the market by offering good quality equipment at a very competitive price.

Typically they have in country distributors enabling their product to reach around the globe.

As one example of their product, their range of oscilloscopes is now very extensive, starting with low cost models, but extending upwards with higher performance models. These scope range from very low cost upwards.

In addition to oscilloscopes, they also have a very useful range of spectrum analyzers for those investigating RF issues.

In addition to the oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, Rigol also manufacture ranges of signal generators including waveform generators, function generators and RF signal generators. These are able to meet the needs of many laboratories and other users.