DAB Digital Radio Frequencies & Channels

Summary and tabular overview of the DAB, Digital Radio channels and frequencies used for transmitting DAB digital radio.

Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAB Tutorial Includes:
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DAB digital radio can be broadcast on a wide number of frequencies. There are both terrestrial and satellite allocations for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Currently the main frequencies where it is being deployed are within the Band III (Band 3) frequencies. Here a number of channels have been allocated. A complete table of the channels is given below, although in many countries the full number of channels is not available. Within the UK, the DAB multiplexes are being broadcast on channels 11B through to 12D inclusive.

Although it may appear that comparatively few channels are available, each multiplex is able to carry many stations. If high quality audio is required then fewer stations can be accommodated. However it is often possible to accommodate around four or five high quality broadcasts along with several lower quality ones. In addition to this data can also be carried.

DAB Digital Radio Frequences & Channels
DAB Channel Frequency
5A 174.928
5B 176.640
5C 178.352
5D 180.064
6A 181.936
6B 183.648
6C 185.360
6D 187.072
7A 188.928
7B 190.640
7C 192.352
7D 194.064
8A 195.936
8B 197.648
8C 199.360
8D 201.072
9A 202.928
9B 204.640
9C 206.352
9D 208.064
10A 209.936
10B 211.648
10C 213.360
10D 215.072
11A 216.928
11B 218.640
11C 220.352
11D 222.064
12A 223.936
12B 225.648
12C 227.360
12D 229.072
13A 230.784
13B 232.496
13C 234.208
13D 235.776
13E 237.448
13F 239.200

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