Inductor & Transformer Types & Circuit Symbols


Inductance and Transformer Tutorial Includes:
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Inductance circuit symbols

The circuit symbol for an inductor indicates the coil nature of the inductor. There are several formats indicating whether the inductor or transformer has a air core or a magnetic core.

Circuit symbols for inductors: air cored, ferrite cored, iron cored
Circuit symbols for inductors

Transformer circuit symbols

While the basic inductor is widely used in many circuits, the transformer is also used in very many applications.

Circuit symbols for transfomers: air cored, ferrite cored, iron cored
Circuit symbols for transformers

The advantage of ferrite and iron cores is that they significantly increase the level of inductance and also in the case of a transformer, the coupling between the input and output inductors. They do introduce losses. Air cored inductors and transformers have lower levels of inductance and are often used for RF applications where lower levels of inductance are needed.

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