Career Planning: How to plan Your Career

Career planning is an important element of anyone’s career – having a plan ensures you make the most of opportunities as they arise.

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Career planning is essential if you want to achieve what you want within your career.

Many things will change during the course of any career, so it is unlikely you will end up where you originally planned. However having a career plan enables you to have a firm direction in mind and to be able to asses any opportunities as they arise.

Tie spent in thinking what you want to achieve, where you want to go and then planning how to achieve it is well spent It is not often easy thinking exactly what you want to achieve, but it means your career has a direction and any preparations made, like extra courses and training mean that you can be better prepared and more likely to be chosen when opportunities arise.

Career planning essentials

There several broad guidelines that can be used when setting about career planning, although there are no set rules:

  • Long term planning:   Planning for the long term, possibly ten years time, and some ultimate goals is important. It sets the overall direction and creates a strategic approach to your career.   . . . . . Read more about Long Term Plans & Goals.
  • Short term planning:   The short term career planning is no less important, but is more tactical in its approach – looking at where you are and how you can make the best use of the opportunities. It helps set the near term goals, possibly in the next year or so.   . . . . . Read more about Short Term Career Planning.
  • Look for opportunities:   Often a variety of changes and opportunities occur in any work environment. A key element of any career planning strategy is to look at any opportunities that may arise, and place yourself in a good light to take advantage of them.
  • Always re-evaluate your career plan:   Circumstances, opportunities positions and even overall aims will change with time. Keep on re-evaluating both the short term and long term career goals to match the changing circumstances.

When planning your career it is important to take on board all forms of career planning. Short and long term goals are both important, and it is necessary to remain flexible as good opportunities may arise that fall outside the plan.

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