Short Term Career Planning

Short term career planning is needed to set the short term goals for developing your career.

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Although long term career planning is important, so too is short term career planning.

The short term career planning is no less important, but is more tactical in its approach. It looks at where you are and how you can make the best use of the current opportunities.

Short term career planning helps set the near term goals, possibly within the next year or so.

Short term career planning aims

There could be a variety of different short term career goals that could be considered dependent upon the situation, opportunities and various other factors.

  • Short courses - possibly training for a specific topic or skill that may be required, e.g. a programming language, design technique, or soft skills like managing people, how to run meetings, etc.
  • Additional responsibility - it may be that it might be possible to take on additional responsibility in a particular area.
  • Develop a new skill - this may be as a result of training, but it could also be private study, or on the job training.
  • Take the initiative - obviously you need to be careful not to over-step the mark, but an employee who uses initiative rather than relying on being told what to do will be looked upon favourably and will stand out.

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