How to Buy the Best Wireless Charger

With wireless charging for smartphones and other devices now commonplace, what are the best chargers & what should you look for?

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Wireless charging is now widely used, especially for smartphones and many of their associated products like watches, Fitbits and the like.

Wireless charging provides a very easy method of charging as it does not require the phone or other device to be physically connected to the charger. Not only is this more convenient but it also saves the connectors normally used for charging - often these connectors start to play up after a while.

However there are many different chargers on the market and deciding which one to buy can be a bit daunting.

What to look for in a wireless charger

With mobile phone manufacturers incorporating wireless charging into more smartphones and other devices, you’ll want to buy one that can be used for years to come. Ensuring the wireless charger you buy is future-proofed as much as possible is a help.

We have summarised some of the key points to look for when buying a wireless charger in the list below.

  • Qi charger :   There are a few different methods of wireless charging. The standard that is most widely used is "Qi" pronounced "Chee" - check that the appliance you want to charge and the charger both use the same system otherwise they won’t work. That said Qi is by far the most widely used and the one that Samsung, Apple and the others use.
  • Wattage:   Check what power you need. If you want to charge as swiftly as possible make sure the wireless charger you buy can provide enough power. The latest Qi standard allows up to 15 watts to be provided, although many phones can only absorb 7.5 watts. You may want to look at buying a 15 watt capable charger to future-proof your purchase.
  • Charger brand:   As the phone you are charging is a costly item of electronics, it may not be worth saving on the last bit of money to buy a really cheap wireless charger. It may be worth investing a little more to buy one that will perform properly. There are many reputable brands making these chargers and as competition is fierce, prices are being held relatively low.

  • Format:   There are several different formats of wireless charger you can buy. The most common is the pad - this is normally flat and circular - often around 13 cms in diameter. However there are also some more upright versions available as well. These can save space on a desk and give a better view of the phone as it is charging if required.
  • Aesthetics:   In view of the wide variety of wireless chargers you can buy, it is possible to choose the look of the charger to fit in with the surroundings. Often they are white or black, with some models being made in both colours. Other colours may be available for some chargers. Also the shape can be chosen to fit in with the surroundings.

It pays to take some time to look at the different wireless chargers available and choose the right one to buy. Normally the chargers available are of good quality and no problems should be encountered. Certainly the convenience of using them and the lack of wear on the connectors are two major benefits of using them.

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