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Alessandro Volta was one of the key pioneers in early electrical science. In recognition for the work he undertook his name has been given to the unit of electromotive force and voltage.

There are many important Alessandro Volta facts that are summarised in the table below.

Alessandro Volta facts

A summary of some of the chief facts about Alessandro Volta: facts about his life, his discoveries and the positions he held, etc.

Key Alessandro Volta Facts
Fact Details
Full Name Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta
Birth date 18 February 1745
Birth place Como, Northern Italy
Father Formerly a Jesuit priest - Filippo Volta
Mother Donna Maddalena
Sons Zanino, Flaminio, and Luigi
Death 5 May 1827 in Como
Education Initially at the school of rhetoric in Como
First employment Lecturer at the Royal School in Como
Longest position held Professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia - position held for almost 40 years from 1779.
Major discoveries Developed the first electrical battery
Also known for Discovery of Methane (isolated the gas in 1778)
Also studied Electrical capacitance
Honours awarded to him Copley Medal (1794), Legion of Honour, Order of the Iron Crown

These are just a few of the main Alessandro Volta facts. During his life he contributed a great amount, not only to electrical science but also chemistry.


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