Panasonic RX-DX1 Radio, Cassette & CD Player

The Panasonic RX-DX1 was a typical domestic radio, cassette player and CD or "boombox" of the early years of the 21st Century providing music and entertainment from a variety of sources.

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The Panasonic RX-DX1 was a long, medium and VHF FM radio that also provided cassette tape and CD players.

This Panasonic radio cassette player with CD was available in the first years of the 21st century and was typical of a small music and entertainment radio of the time. Sound quality was very acceptable, remembering that it was a relatively low cost item.

The Panasonic name has been associated with quality products and this Panasonic radio cassette player with CD is testament to that as many are still available on the second hand market and they are able to provide good service.

Front view of the Panasonic RX-DX1 radio / cassette / CD

Panasonic RX-DX1 radio cassette player CD specifications

The Panasonic RX DX1 provided a good specification, although it was aimed at the lower end of the market and provided good value for money.

The basic specification for the RX DX1 is given in the table below.

Brief Specification for the Panasonic RX-DX1 Radio Cassette Player with CD
Parameter Specification
Radio coverage AM & FM bands
Radio tuning Digital with 24 presets (12 x AM, 12 x FM)
Cassette Single well, front loading
Cassette recording From radio or CD
CD player audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW
CD player Random, repeat, programme play
Audio capability Circuitry included to provide four equalizer presets to tailor the timbre of the speakers' output. Sound virtualizer circuitry to recreate a sound field with distinct stereo imaging, depth, and to centre the vocals.
Speakers 2 x 4 inch speakers for "stereo"
Power Mains / line input or battery power (6 x D cell size + 4 x AA to retain alarm and station settings)

RX-DX1 operation

The Panasonic RX DX1 was fairly straightforward. As the set was all digital, there was no tuning knob as with the older radios, or even those trying to simulate the operation of older radios.

Panasonic RX-DX1
Vertical #Shorts video

The tuning could use the scan buttons to scan up the band and then the stations stored for much easier recall later.

The volume controls are again up and down buttons that move the volume up and down, again indicating the digital nature of the RX-DX1. These are located on the top on the far right hand side.

The cassette controls are located just above the LCD display. The indications and functions of these follow the normal conventions for stop/eject, play, fast forward and fast reverse, etc. There is a button on the far right of this set for recording.

The CD is activated and play initiated using the button just to the right of the cassette controls. skip and move back controls are located on the left hand side of the top.

Other clock functions for alarm and snooze etc are also available on the RX-DX1.

the Panasonic RX-DX1 provided a good mid-range small boombox radio / cassette / CD with a good number of functions and capabilities. Being from the Panasonic stable, it performed well. The mai issue these days might be the laser diode for the CD, but that is an issue with all CD players.

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