IEEE 488.2 Standard & Commands

- essentials of the IEEE 488.2 standard providing basic syntax, commands, codes and formats to the GPIB interface.

GPIB / IEEE 488 Bus Includes:
GPIB / IEEE 488 bus     GPIB operation / commands / protocol     IEEE 488.2     How to Use GPIB / IEEE 488     GPIB / IEEE 488 cables     GPIB / IEEE 488 connectors     GPIB / IEEE 488 pinout / pin connections    

Whilst the GPIB IEEE 488 standard had been recognised as a success, it was recognised that one of the major limitations was the fact that there was no standard format for the instructions sent across the bus.

Each test instrument of device had its own set of instructions and this meant that there was no commonality between one instrument and the next, and this made programming using GPIB far more time consuming, costly and complicated.

To overcome this issue the IEEE introduced the IEEE 488. To cover this, the IEEE 488.2 standard addresses the basic syntax and format conventions, as well as device-independent commands, data structures, error protocols.

In this way, IEEE 488.2 addressed the programming or software elements that had not been covered by the original IEEE 488 standard that was now called IEEE 488.1.

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