CISPR 16 EMC Standard for Test Equipment & Methods

CISPR 16 goes under the title: Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods.

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CISPR 16 is a series of fourteen publications specifying equipment and methods for measuring disturbances and immunity to them at frequencies above 9 kHz.

CISPR 16 is split into four distinct parts with an overall number of fourteen different elements.

CISPR 16 basics

The CISPR standards and specifications are issued by the International Special Committee on Radio Interference, CISPR which is the organisation used for setting EMC standards in Europe.


CISPR 16 specifies all that is needed to undertake the EMC tests in the CISPR series.

It defines the characteristics and performance of equipment for the measurement of radio disturbance voltages and currents in the frequency range 9 kHz to 1 GHz.

CISPR 16 has the status of a basic EMC publication. The specification includes details of the ancillary apparatus needed for artificial mains networks, current and voltage probes and coupling units for current injection on cables.

CISPR 16-1

This consists of five parts which specify voltage, current and field measuring apparatus.

CISPR 16 Part 1
CISPR 16 Part Number Details
Part 1-1 Measuring apparatus
Part 1-2 Ancillary equipment - Conducted disturbances
Part 1-3 Ancillary equipment - Disturbance power
Part 1-4 Ancillary equipment - Radiated disturbances
Part 1-5 Antenna calibration test sites for 30 MHz to 1 000 MHz

CISPR 16-2

CISPR 16-2 consists of five parts which specify the methods for measuring high-frequency EMC phenomena. It addresses both EMC disturbances and immunity.

CISPR 16 Part 2
CISPR 16 Part Number Details
Part 2-1 Conducted disturbance measurements
Part 2-2 Measurement of disturbance power
Part 2-3 Radiated disturbance measurements
Part 2-4 Immunity measurements
Part 2-5 In situ measurements for disturbing emissions produced by physically large equipment

CISPR 16-3

CISPR 16-3 is basically a technical report rather than a standard and it contains specific technical reports and information on the history of CISPR

CISPR 16-4

CISPR 16 Part 4 consists of five parts and contains information related to uncertainties, statistics and limit modelling.

CISPR 16 Part 1
CISPR 16 Part Number Details
Part 4-1 Uncertainties in standardized EMC tests
Part 4-2 Uncertainty in EMC measurements
Part 4-3 Statistical considerations in the determination of EMC compliance of mass-produced products
Part 4-4 Statistics of complaints and a model for the calculation of limits
Part 4-5 Conditions for the use of alternative test methods

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