Hints & Tips on Choosing the Best Coax Cable

Coax cable is not cheap, and therefore choosing the right coax cable is key to the successful operation of any antenna installation.

Coax Tutorial Includes:
Coax feeder     Coax specifications overview     Coax impedance     Coax loss / attenuation     Coax power rating     Coax velocity factor     Coax environmental     Coax installation tips     Coax cable types     Tips for choosing right coax cable     Buying TV coax: points to note    

Coaxial cable for everything from domestic television, through amateur radio to professional RF applications can be expensive. Investing money in coax wisely to buy cable which provides the required performance whilst still not costing too much can be a challenge - but a worthwhile one.

When buying the best coax cable for any application, it is worth examining exactly what is needed. In this way the required performance can be assessed and costs matched against factors like the attenuation, frequency response and other aspects.

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