Samsung GT-E1150 Vintage Mobile Phone

The Samsung GT-E1150 was a small clamshell type mobile phone for 2G GSM use which was introduced in February 2010

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The Samsung GT-E1150 mobile phone was a 2G only mobile phone that was launched as a low cost phone.

In many countries it was offered with low entry point pay as you go mobile SIM cards where cost was a major issue and providing a low cost option would be another method of gaining a new subscriber.

The phone was very small and was ideal for carrying in a pocket or handbag where it would take up little space, but it could open out into a larger phone that was more convenient to use.

The phone had a limited number of facilities, but this was very much in line wth the fact that it was aimed at the very low cost end of the market. Nevertheless the phone worked well and was reliable.

The actual phone cost to the user was around 20 Euros / £20, so it was right at the bottom end od the market

Samsung GT-E1150 2G Mobile Phone Specification Summary
Parameter Details
Technology GSM
Date of Introduction February 2010
Dimensions 88 x 44 x 19.8 mm / 3.46 x 1.73 x 0.78 inches
Weight 72.5 g / 2.54 oz
SIM card Mini-SIM
Memory card slot No
Phone book 500 entries
Call records 30 dialled, 30 received, 30 missed calls
Camera No
Loudspeaker Yes
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth No
Radio No
Messaging SMS
Browser No
Games Yes
Capabilities Calculator, Timer, Stopwatch, Voice memo, predictive text

The Samsung GT-E1150 was a compact clamshell phone with simple and easy to use features including reasonably large easy to use keypad. Features included a stopwatch, timer, SMS messaging, voice memo, Games, predictive text and a loudspeaker.

The GT-E1150 was a classic small flip fold design by Samsung with a size to fit virtually any pocket and it did not cost the earth.

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