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List of the books and publications authored by Professor Sir John Ambrose Fleming.

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As the professor of electrical engineering at University College London, Fleming was ideally placed to publish papers.

However he also published a good number of books, interestingly with a variety of different publishers.

Books by Ambrose Fleming

Professor Sir John Ambrose Fleming wrote a number of books on a variety of subjects from electrical technology through chemistry to mathematics and the Christian religion.

Interestingly Fleming used a variety of different publishers to publish his books. He even used the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for a textbook on Wireless telegraphy, although normally he used published more linked with engineering and science.

Being a devout Christian, later in life, Fleming also wrote about theology as well.

Front page of Fleming's book: The Wonders of Wireless Telegraphy

Fleming's first book was published in 1894, and his last just seven years before he died in 1938.

List of the books by Ambrose Fleming

  • Electric Lamps and Electric Lighting: A course of four lectures on electric illumination delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain (1894)
  • The Alternate Current Transformer in Theory and Practice "The Electrician" Printing and Publishing Company (1896)
  • Magnets and Electric Currents E. & F. N. Spon. (1898)
  • A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and Testing Room "The Electrician" Printing and Publishing Company (1901)
  • Waves and Ripples in Water, Air, and Aether MacMillan (1902)
  • The Evidence of Things Not Seen Christian Knowledge Society: London (1904)
  • The Principles of Electric Wave Telegraphy, Longmans Green, London, (1906)
  • The Propagation of Electric Currents in Telephone and Telegraph Conductors, Constable, (1908)
  • An Elementary Manual of Radiotelegraphy and Radiotelephony Longmans Green, London, (1911)
  • On the power factor and conductivity of dielectrics when tested with alternating electric currents of telephonic frequency at various temperatures Gresham, (1912)
  • The Wonders of Wireless Telegraphy: Explained in simple terms for the non-technical reader Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (1913)
  • The Wireless Telegraphist's Pocket Book of Notes, Formulae and Calculations The Wireless Press (1915)
  • The Thermionic Valve and its Development in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony (1919)
  • Fifty Years of Electricity The Wireless Press (1921)
  • Electrons, Electric Waves and Wireless telephony The Wireless Press (1923)
  • Introduction to Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd. (1924)
  • Mercury-arc Rectifiers and Mercury-vapour Lamps London. Pitman (1925)
  • The Electrical Educator (3 volumes), The New Era Publishing Co Ltd (1927)
  • Memories of a Scientific life Marshall, Morgan & Scott (1934)
  • Evolution or Creation? Marshall Morgan and Scott, (1938)
  • Mathematics for Engineers George Newnes Ltd (1938)

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