XLR connector series

- an overview, and information about the XLR series of connectors widely used for audio and video applications.

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The XLR series of connectors is widely used for audio and video applications. The XLR connectors provide a rugged series of connectors that can be used for professional as well as semi-professional applications. As an indication of this, XLR connectors are used on most serious audio mixing desks, and on high quality microphones, as well as for many other audio applications.

The XLR series connectors started life as the Cannon X series of connectors. The original versions had no method of retaining the connectors, and later a latch was added to prevent accidental disconnection, and the resultant connector was known as the XL connector. A further medication incorporated the use of a rubber based compound surrounding the contacts, and the designation XLR was given to them.

Standard XLR connections

Pin Signal line
1 Shield
2 Signal +
3 Signal -

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