Semiconductor Diode Circuit Symbols

Circuit symbols for the various forms of semiconductor diode: PN junction, varicap / varactor diode symbols, Zener diode/ voltage reference diode, light emitting diode, Schottky . . .

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There are many different forms of diode and for most types there is a distinct circuit symbol.

Some of the major types of diode include the PN junction, Schottky, varactor, Zener or avalanche reference diode, photo diode, light emitting diode. For all of these there are distinct circuit symbols. Each of these diode circuit symbols incorporates the basic diode format, but is modified to indicate the different function.

Semiconductor Diode Circuit Symbols
Semiconductor Diode Type Circuit Symbol
Basic PN junction diode
Solid shape is more widely used.
Normally the cathode and anode annotations are omitted.
Basic PN junction diode circuit symbol
Basic PN junction diode
sometimes an outline shape is used.
Basic PBN junction diode circuit symbol
Light emitting diode, LED, symbol Light emitting diode, LED circuit symbol
Photodiode Photodiode circuit symbol
Schottky diode Schottky diode circuit symbol
Tunnel diode Tunnel diode circuit symbol
Varactor / varicap diode Varactor diode circuit symbol

Although the dode circuit symbols provide the indication of the cathode and anode, these annotations are normally not included on circuit diagrams as they take valuable diagram space and it is assumed the right connections will be understood.

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