Analogue & Functional Block Circuit Symbols

Circuit symbols for analogue and functional building blocks found within many circuits: attenuators, amplifiers, mixers, filters, etc . .

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In some cases it may be necessary to use the functional block for an analogue or other circuit block.

If an item is bought in as a mixer, attenuator or so forth, it is not necessary to show its internal workings - in deed these may not be known.

In cases like these, or just to simplify a circuit, symbols for functional blocks may be used.

Like other circuit symbols, these blocks have been standardised so that anyone reading the circuit can understand them.

These analogue functional block circuit symbols have been defined in a number of specifications or standards including BS 3939. Some alternatives have also been given.

Analogue & Functional Block Circuit Symbols
Block Type Circuit Symbol
Attenuator Attenuator circuit symbol
Attenuator (variable) Variable attenuator circuit symbol
Amplifier / amplifying element Amplifier circuit symbol
Mixer RF mixer circuit symbol
Mixer (alternative) RF mixer circuit symbol
General filter symbol General filter circuit symbol
Low pass filter Low pass filter circuit symbol
High pass filter High pass filter circuit symbol
Bandpass filter Bandpass filter circuit symbol
Bandreject filter Band reject filter circuit symbol

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