Resistor Circuit Symbols

Circuit symbols for the various forms of passive components - the resistor: fixed, variable, US, European, variable, LDR, etc.

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Resistors are one form of passive components and one of the most widely used within electronic equipment. Even though they are passive components, they are still used very extensively

Accordingly resistor circuit symbols are found in virtually all circuit diagrams or schematic diagrams.

Often the circuit schematic symbols are associated with PCB shapes for use when designing PCBs. The complete circuit symbol for the circuit diagram or schematic are associated with the PCB shape so that the PCB design can be developed electronically from the electronic copy of the circuit.

There are several different types of resistor for which distinct circuit symbols are required. Also different circuit symbols tend to be used within Europe and the USA.

Resistor circuit symbols
Resistor Type Circuit Symbol
Fixed resistor (Europe) Fixed resistor circuit symbol
Potentiometer (Europe) Potentiometer circuit symbol
Variable resistor (Europe) Variable resistor circuit symbol
Fixed resistor (USA) Fixed resistor circuit symbol - USA version
Potentiometer (USA) Potentiometer circuit symbol - USA version
Variable resistor (USA) Variable resistor circuit symbol - USA version
Light dependent resistor, LDR Light dependent resistor, LDR, circuit symbol
Thermistor (general) Thermistor circuit symbol
Thermistor: PTC PTC thermistor circuit symbol
Varistor Varistor circuit symbol

Even though resistors are only passive components, there are still many different versions. Also, there are other types of passive component which are addressed on further pages.

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