Inductor, Choke Coil & Transfomer Circuit Symbols

Circuit symbols for the various forms of inductors, chokes, coils and transformers: with and with out ferrite or iron cores.

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There is a large variety in inductor based components: coils, chokes, inductors, transformers and these can have a variety of cores including ferrite and iron. The circuit symbols must identify what these different components are in unique ways.

Accordingly there is a good selection of different inductor and transformer based circuit symbols.

Although many transformers may not be used on printed circuit boards for which the PCB shapes will not be required, many types of choke and inductor, and some transformers may be used on PCBs.

Inductors, Coils Chokes & Transformers Circuit Symbols
Inductor / Transformer Type Circuit Symbol
Generic inductor, choke, or coil Inductor circuit symbol
Inductor with ferrite (iron dust) core Inductor with ferrite core circuit symbol
Inductor with iron core Inductor with iron core circuit symbol
Inductor tap on winding
the position may be varied to approximately
indicate the position of the tap.
Inductor with tap circuit symbol
Air cored transformer Air core transformer circuit symbol
Air cored transformer with unequal turns ratio
side with fewer turns can be either side of
transformer symbol according to the turns ratio.
Air core transformer circuit symbol
Air cored transformer with tap Air core transformer with tap circuit symbol
Ferrite cored transformer Ferrite core transformer circuit symbol
Iron or laminated cored transformer Iron or laminated core transformer circuit symbol

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