Vacuum tube equivalents

- equivalents for thermionic valve or vacuum tube substitution or replacement including the diode, triode, tetrode, pentode, heptode, etc ...

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With the very large number of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves that were produced and as a result of the multiple vacuum tube numbering systems that were in use, there are generally equivalents for most types of tube.

In most cases the tubes manufactured to the European system have an exact equivalent tube in the American system and vice versa. These equivalents are very useful when replacements or substitutions are required.

Typical valve / tube audio amplifier that might be used today
Typical valve / tube audio amplifier that might be used today

Type Equivalents
DAF91 CV784, ZD17, 1FD9, 1S5
DAF96 ZD25, 1AH5, 1FD1
DF91 CV785, 1F3, 1T4
DF96 1AJ4, 1F1
DK91 CV782, 1C1, 1R5
DK92 1AC6, 1C2
DK96 1AB6, 1C3
DL92 CV820, 1P10, 3S4
DL94 CV2983, 1P11, SV4
DL96 1P1, 3C4
DM70 CV2980, 1M1, 1M3, DM71
DY86 DY87, 1S2
EABC80 DH719, 6AK8, 6LD12, 6T8
EAF42 CV3883, 6CT7, WD150
EB91 CV140, D77, EAA91, 6AL5, D152, DD6, 6D2
EBC41 CV3882, DH150, 6LD3, 62DDT, 6CV7
EBC81 6BD7A, 6LD13
EBC90 CV452, DH77, 6AT6
EBC91 CV2526, 6AV6
EBF80 ZD152, WD709, 6N8
EBF83 6DR8
EBF89 6DC8, 6FD12
ECC81 B309, B152, CV455, 12AT7
ECC82 B329, CV491, 12AU7
ECC83 B339, CV492, 6L13, 12AX7
ECC84 CV5281, 6CW7, 6L16
ECC85 6AQ8, 6L12
ECC88 CV5358, 6DJ8
ECC804 6AG8, B729
ECF80 CV5215, 6BL8, 6C16
ECF82 CV5065, 6U8
ECH42 CV3888, 6C10, 6CU7, 62TH
ECH81 CV2128, 6AJ8, 6C12
ECH83 6DS8
ECH84 6JX8
ECL80 LN152, 6AB8, 63TP
ECL82 6BM8
ECL86 6GW8
EF41 CV3886, 6C15, 6F16, 7F16, 62VP
EF42 CV3887, Z150
EF80 CV1376, 6BX6, 64SPT
EF85 CV1375, 6BY7, 6F26
EF86 CV2901, 6F22, 8D8
EF89 6AD6
EF91 CV138, SP6, 6AM6, 8D3, 6F12
EF92 CV131, W77, 6CQ6, 6F21, 9D6
EF93 6BA6
EF94 CV2524, 6AU6
EF95 CV850, DP61, 6AK5
EF97 6ES6
EF98 6ET6
EF183 6EH7, 6F29
EF184 6EJ7, 6F30
EF812 6EL7, 6F23, Z749
EK90 CV453, 6BE6
EL34 CV1741, 6CA7
EL34 CV3889, 6CK5, 67PT
EL42 CV3890
EL81 CV2721, 6CJ6
EL83 6CK6
EL84 CV2975, 6BQ5, 6P15
EL90 6AQ5
EL91 6AM5
EL95 6DL5
EL821 6CH6
EM80 6BR5, 65ME
EM81 CV5055, 6DA5
EM84 6FG6
EM87 6HU6
EY51 R12, SU61, 6X2
EY81 6R3
EY86 CV2966, 6S2
EZ40 6BT4, 66KU
EZ80 CV1535, 6V4
EZ81 CV5072, UU12, 6CA4
EZ90 6X4
GZ32 CV543, 54KU
GZ34 CV1377, 5AR4
HBC90 12AT6
HBC91 12AV6
HF93 CV1928, 12BA6
HK90 12BE6
HL92 CV1959, 50C5
HY90 35W4
KY80 2J2, R20
PC86 4CM4
PC88 4DL4
PC97 4FY5
PCC84 CV5192, B319, 7AN7, 3OL1
PCC85 9AQ8
PCC88 6DJ8
PCC89 7F67
PCC189 7ES8
PCC805 7EK7, 30L15
PCF80 8A8, 30C1
PCF82 9U8
PCF800 9EN7, 30C15
PCF802 9JW8
PCF805 30C18
PCL82 16A8
PCL83 CV5144
PCL84 15DQ8
PCL85 16GV8
PCL86 16GW8
PCL88 30PL14
PCL800 16GK8, 30PL13
PCL801 13GC8
PF818 30F5, 7ED7
PL81 CV5077, 21A6
PL82 16A5, 30P16
PL83 15A6
PL84 15CW5, 30P18
PL500 27GB5
PL801 30P12, 12FB5
PY80 19X3
PL81 17Z3
PL82 19SU, 19Y3
PL88 30AE3
UABC80 10LD12, DH109
UCC85 10L14
UCH81 10C14, 19D8
UCL82 10PL19, 50BM8
UL84 10P18, 45B5
UY85 38A3

This list is offered in good faith, no liability can be accepted for errors.

Image of a Mullard EF91 pentode valve / tube, normally used as a high gain amplifier.

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