MCX RF Connector

The MCX connector is a small snap fit RF connector used for frequencies up to about 6 GHz

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The MCX connector is one of a number of mico-miniatiure RF connectors have been developed by a variety of manufacturers to meet the growing demand for cost effective, high quality smaller connectors.

These RF connectors are finding high levels of use, for example in the cellular phone industry, where size, cost and performance are all important. In fact the MCX is about 30% smaller in both size and weight than an SMB connector to which it has many similarities.

The MCX connector gains its name from the contraction of the words Micro-CoaX.

The MCX connectors was developed in the 1980s by Huber and Suhner of which MCX is a trade name. The MCX connector has many similarities with the construction of the SMB connector using a quick snap-on interface, and utilising an inner contact and an overlapping dielectric insulator structure.

The MCX connector is normally specified for operation up to 6 GHz, and it finds applications in a variety of arenas including equipment for cellular telecommunications, data telemetry, Global Positioning (GPS) and other applications where size and weight are important and frequencies are generally below 5 GHz.

MCX connectors conform to the European CECC 22220 standard and while it uses identical inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB, the outer diameter is approximately 30% smaller than the SMB Connector.

MCX connectors have filled a gap in the market where weight and physical space are limited and an easy to connect solution is needed.

MCX connectors come in 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm, have very good electrical performance, and can accommodate a wide range of miniature RG/U flexible coaxial cables.

MCX Connector Specification Summary
Parameter Specification Details
Maximum frequency 6 GHz
Impedance 50Ω & 75Ω
Diameter 3.6 mm / 0.14 inches

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